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Proof Page Process

Your step-by-step guide to operating your proof page.

  • Please ensure you monitor your email inbox for the viewing page. Typically, you can anticipate receiving your page within 3-5 days after the completion of your shoot.

  • Start by selecting your first image to 'Favorite' by highlighting the ♥ heart icon associated with that image.

  • From the main page: 

    • After favoriting your first image, you'll be asked to enter an email address. Ensure that the email address is keyed in correctly because it serves as your login for future access to the list.

    • Click 'Sign In'.


    • Continue browsing and adding images to your list. This list can be modified later.

  • From the main page: 

    ➊ Access the images you have marked as favorites by clicking ♥ heart icon labeled 'Favorites' located in the top right hand corner. You may be prompted to input the email address again.
    Favorites page: 

    ➊ Choose the list you wish to review and modify. 
    Inside the favorites list:   
    ➊ Click the image you wish to modify 
    ➋ Click on the heart ♥ icon labeled 'Favorites' located in the top right hand corner.


    Two options will appear: '- Remove' and '+ Add to'.

    - Remove deletes the image from the list  
    + Add to moves the image to a different list.

  • Creating Multiple Lists
    You can use one email address to create and manage multiple favorite lists. Go to 'Favorites' and select '+ Create New List'. 

    Lists Created By Others
    Every individual you share your page with has the ability to create and alter their own unique favorite lists. These lists are exclusively visible to them through their personal email login.

    Manage Lists Created By Others
    To manage lists created by others, for instance, merging images across multiple lists, it is essential that all individuals log favorites using the same email address. Each list can be set apart by assigning a unique name when '+Create New List' is selected on the favorites page.

    Attach Notes to Images For Photographer
    ➊ Open your favorites list and select an image.
    ➋ Click on the message icon labeled 'Add Note'.
    ➌ Enter your message.
    ➍ Do not forget to click the 'save' button to ensure your note is added successfully.