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Session Duration

"Session Duration" refers to the total time spent during your appointment, excluding any additional beauty services. Each package includes a specific session duration and number of sets to allow for adequate shooting time. Within the session duration, time will be allotted for a brief consultation, the photoshoot itself, and any necessary set changes like wardrobe or backdrops.

Understanding Session Duration

  • The hourly rate for a studio session is set at $99.

  • Each package comes with a designated session duration that is suitable for capturing the required number of images included in the package.

  • Please note that session time encompasses more than just the duration spent in front of the camera. It encompasses the entire appointment, including a brief consultation, as well as any wardrobe and set changes. It is important to avoid allocating excessive time towards wardrobe and set changes as it may affect the time available for actual shooting.

  • If your session goes beyond the designated time stated in your package, a fixed fee of $99 will be applied at the at start of each consecutive hour. Any additional time utilized should be settled during checkout. Additional time can only be accommodated if it is readily available.


  • If you have purchased beauty services, this time will not be deducted from your session time, as additional time has already been allocated to accommodate this service.


  • Please include a note in the booking form if you anticipate needing extra session time. This will help us make suitable arrangements for your appointment. If extended time slots are not accessible, we will reach out to you to discuss possible adjustments to your appointment.

Key Facts

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