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On the day of your appointment, you'll need to settle the remaining balance of your package. For a quick and easy checkout after your session, keep your valid ID and preferred payment method handy.​

Accepted Payment Methods​ 

Credit or Debit Card: The card owner must be present with card, along with a valid ID at the time of use.

Digital Wallets: We graciously accept payment through Apple Pay, Cash App, and Venmo.​

Cash: We gladly accept cash payments in the precise amount. Please note that, as we do not store cash on our premises, therefore are unable to provide change. All cash bills are subjected to a verification process to ensure their authenticity.​

Gift Card


We DO NOT accept paper checks, cashier checks, or PayPal.

Missile Studios, LLC declares that all purchases are subjected to a final sale policy. We do not process refunds.

Rescheduling Policy 

We realize that unexpected events occur. You're allowed to adjust your appointment two times if necessary. Be aware though, a charge of $25 will be incurred on each occasion. Should you require rescheduling a third time, we regret to inform that the initial appointment will be cancelled. You may establish a new booking with a fresh deposit to return to the schedule. Please remember that your first deposit will not be returned and limits on rescheduling and cancellations are duly applicable.


Cancelation Policy 

Termination of the appointment leads to a full forfeiture of the deposit.

Estimated Delivery Time 

We strive to deliver your final edits in approximately 4-5 weeks after you've chosen and paid for your images. Please understand that during busy seasons, this may take longer. We always work on a first-come, first-served basis.

Rush Services 

If you're looking to have your images before our usual 4-5 week timeframe, no problem! Just make sure you've selected the 'Rush' option when you set up your appointment online. If you forgot to add rush, you'll need edit your appointment or let your photographer know asap.

Running Behind to Your Shoot? Remember, your photo session begins exactly at the agreed time. If you find yourself running a little late, you could risk losing valuable session time. 

In case you're delayed, just give your photographer a quick call or text. They'll let you know if it's still manageable, or if we'll need to reschedule.

Are You Arriving Too Early for Your Shoot? We really appreciate your punctuality, but we kindly ask not to turn up at the studio more than 30 minutes prior to your appointment. We know travel times can be unpredictable, however, we currently don't have a waiting area at our studio. We might be busy with another client or getting things ready for your session.

In case you arrive here early, simply shoot a quick call or text to your photographer. They'll update you on whether it's possible to kickstart your session a bit early. If not, why not seize this opportunity to grab a coffee or a snack and relax for a while until we're all set for you!

I. Responsibility 

Missile Studios, LLC is obliged to provide the photographic services as stipulated in the contract.

II. Payment

A) Missile Studios, LLC necessitates the payment of outstanding balances on the same day of the client's service. Payment on this day must be exclusively made in person with a valid ID.

1. Credit or Debit Card: The card owner must be present, along with a valid ID and the card to be used, at the time of payment.

2. Digital Wallets: We graciously accept payment through Apple Pay, Cash App, and Venmo.

3. Cash: We gladly accept cash payments in the precise amount. Please note that, as we do not store cash on our premises, therefore are unable to provide change. All cash bills are subjected to a verification process to ensure their authenticity.

4. Checks/Cashiers Checks: Not accepted.

B) Missile Studios, LLC and its legal representatives hold the authority to prosecute any person who engages in, or attempts to commit federal crimes while doing business with Missile Studios, LLC. These crimes include - unlawful transactions, falsification, impersonation, and/or falsely reporting services (provided by Missile Studios, LLC) as fraudulent to their respective banks. 

C) Missile Studios, LLC declares that all purchases are subjected to a final sale policy.

III. Rights of Use

A) Photographer Usage

1. Ownership Rights: All images captured by the Photographer are purely the intellectual property of Missile Studios, LLC, thus retaining perpetual copyrights over these photographs.

2. Promotional Rights: Missile Studios, LLC holds the right to use the images taken as per this agreement for the usage of, but is not limited to, promotional activities, exhibition displays, merchandise. and publications among other purposes. The Photographer commits to handling sensitive content such as nudity respectfully and responsibly. Should Missile Studios, LLC find promotional or exhibition opportunities for images featuring nudity under the Missile Studio brand, the Photographer will duly seek official consent from the subject. Missile Studios, LLC is firmly committed to protecting Client privacy. In addition, we guarantee that any images taken from photography sessions, commissioned by our clients, and that of minors, are not used for external trade nor sold to third-party entities. 

3. Selling Rights: Missile Studios, LLC possesses the authority to market its photographs. Any photographs considered profitable by Missile Studios, LLC, including but not limited to merchandise, will be assigned a commission by the Photographer.

4. Privacy: Missile Studios, LLC is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. We ensure that the images taken during any photo sessions commissioned by our clients are not involved in external trade or sold to third-party entities. We hold firmly to our policy of not selling or sharing any photographs considered sensitive by our Photographer, without first obtaining the approval of the Client. 

B) Client Usage

1. Usage Rights: Missile Studios, LLC grants Clients the right to utilize the images they've purchased. Yet, this does not indicate a copyright ownership change. Clients are allowed to use images produced on their behalf for print materials, distribution, or to exhibit ownership of the event, subject, or action depicted in the photograph. However, customers are explicitly prohibited from claiming the artwork's creation, re-selling the images, or altering the photographer's original work. Furthermore, it's forbidden to use the images in commercial or editorial publications without first obtaining written consent from Missile Studios, LLC, along with proper credit to both the Photographer and Missile Studios, LLC.

2. Unauthorized Rights: Clients are strictly prohibited from copying, reproducing or publishing any unpaid photographs taken by the Photographer without first obtaining written consent from Missile Studios, LLC, along with proper credit to both the Photographer and Missile Studios, LLC. Any individual violating this Federal Law will face its civil and criminal penalties.

3. Studio Copyright: Missile Studios, LLC holds exclusive rights to all photographs captured within its studio space. Unauthorized photography, particularly during active photo shoots, is strictly prohibited as it infringes upon the Photographer's copyright. It is mandatory for all clients and their associates to obtain prior approval from the Photographer before embarking on any photography within the operational jurisdiction of the Photographer.

In instances where the Photographer permits external photography, it is solely meant for documenting the client's experience. The granted permission does not extend to replicating or emulating the Photographer's respective work.

IV. Booking and Cancellation 

Post booking, the agreed date and time will be secured by Missile Studios, LLC. However, any deposit made is non-refundable and cancellation or rescheduling will incur additional charges. See Policies

V. Outdoor Photography Limitations 

If unfavorable weather or other unsuitable circumstances impede meeting the artistic objectives of the photographer, the session may either be shifted indoors or rescheduled to another date as deemed appropriate by the photographer.

VI. Limitation on Liability

A) Missile Studios, LLC won't be liable should unforeseen instances occur, such as natural disasters, labor strikes, Acts of God, pandemics, government-imposed shutdowns, illness, emergency situations, or death, that hinder the fulfillment of the contract. The resolution to these issues will rest on the discretion of the Photographer or their delegated representatives. Potential solutions could include rescheduling the shoot, finding another photographer, or providing a company credit. In the event of a substitute photographer, Missile Studios LLC ensures that the photography services will be performed by a competent professional.

B) Missile Studios LLC will not assume any additional liability for any damage or harm to the client's health. This includes injuries, illnesses, errors by third parties, unpredictable incidents, acts of God or any other unforeseeable circumstances. 

C) Clients bear the responsibility for all personal property. This applies to personal items that have been damaged, misplaced or inadvertently left behind. Missile Studios, LLC accepts no liability for the loss, damage, or theft of the client's property.

VII. Prints Products

A) Products printed by Missile Studios, LLC are exclusively produced by our esteemed third-party partner, ProDPI. Please note that all print sales are non-refundable.

B) In the situation where print items bought from our website do not meet your expectations, we will collect the necessary information to log a complaint with ProDPI. Any possibility of product replacement or refund will be in accordance with ProDPI's terms, contingent on the Photographer's view that the damage is not an outcome of their negligence.

(ProDPI - 1-855-776-3745 / /

C) Missile Studios, LLC disclaims responsibility for prints personally obtained by clients.

VIII. Minors

To safeguard the interests of Missile Studios, LLC and to ensure the safety of children, we require that all persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their visit. The parent or guardian will be fully liable for the child and any other minors they bring with them while on  while on our premises

IX. Deny Service

Missile Studios LLC maintains the authority to deny service, should the client's behavior interfere with the smooth functioning of the business operations.

X. Client Agreement

By signing this agreement, the client certifies they have the necessary authority to permit the usage of the image of every individual present in the portrait in this context. In the event litigation emerges from such usage, the client agrees to provide financial and legal protection to Missile Studios LLC.

By reserving an appointment and executing payment via the official booking webpage of Missile Studios, LLC (sub page of, the Client confirms acceptance and acknowledgement of these terms. The Client also recognizes the terms as a lawfully binding contract between themselves and Missile Studios, LLC.​​​​​

Clients must read and agree to these Terms and Policies by checking the mandated checkbox before scheduling a service. The client acknowledges these Terms and Policies as a legally binding contract between them and Missile Studios, LLC. By scheduling a service, the client is considered to have accepted and agreed to abide by these Terms and Policies. Missile Studios, LLC, also known as the 'Photographer', conducts business and forms contracts with customers, hereafter referred to as the 'Client', based on predetermined 'Terms' and 'Policies'.

(Updated 8/21/2023) ​

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