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The Rush option is available to clients who require imagery before the maximum waiting period of 5 weeks.

Understanding Rush Services

3-5 Business day image turnaround

The price of the image + 50%

Rush Fee

  • Cost Per Image: $39

  • Rush Order Surcharge: Additional 50%

  • Cost Per Image w/ Rush: $58.50

  • $150 Minimum 

Pricing Overview

  • To request rush services, please include this add-on service in your package while booking online.

  • If you need select images for rush delivery only, please specify the number of images needed rushed in the online booking form or during your appointment. We will apply the Rush fee at checkout at the studio. Rush orders have a minimum fee of $150. Refer to Pricing Overview for details.

  • Please be aware that our prices may fluctuate owing to market demand. The price at the time of your transaction will apply to that specific purchase, although prices for future transactions might be different.

  • If you didn't choose Rush when scheduling your appointment online and now need urgent imagery before the due date, we may accommodate your request (subject to availability) within 3-5 days. However, a rush fee is required to prioritize your request. Once the specified rushed imagery has been communicated to us, expect to receive an invoice via email for the Rush fee to be paid. Payment must be made before proceeding. Note that a minimum fee of $150 applies to rushed orders. Refer to Pricing Overview for details.

  • Each individual rush order is viewed as a fresh demand, hence, the minimum fee of $150 will be levied on each separate request.

  • Rush processing commences once the payment has been successfully processed and the photographer has been officially informed of the order.

  • Orders made post 5pm on Saturdays will be processed on the subsequent business day.

Key Facts

For requests made outside regular business hours, an extra 50% cost adjustment is necessitated for expedited services. Please note that such requests must receive authorization for processing.

Off-Hours Orders

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