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Studio Lighting

This is your main photography spot! Your friendly photographer ensures you can see yourself on camera by giving you a live stream of the snapped pictures and also a full-length mirror. So you're always in the know of how you look!

Natural Light

Our studio offers both kinds of lighting - powerful studio lights and warm, natural light. The secret to the latter is our industrial-style, wall-to-wall windows. It's the perfect setup if you'd love your photos to have a soft, natural touch.

The Beauty Station

Planning a glamour photoshoot or simply longing for a quick touch-up? The glamour station is definitely your go-to. We've got all the essentials, from sprays to hair ties. Plus, if you love taking selfies, this place is a hit among our guests!

Dressing Room

The Dressing Room in our studio's left wing is designed to provide you a comfortable experience. Find a clothing rack and host of amenities waiting for you. These include body lotions/oils, paper napkins, a lint roller and a fabric steamer - ensuring you have everything you need. 


Discover the range of props that are available for use throughout your session. This includes a selection of seating options and décor items, all of which have been designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind.


The lounge area can be found in the studio's left wing. It's strategically positioned to the right of the beauty station and directly in front of the dressing room. This location serves as a relaxation space for group sessions between shots. It also presents an ideal spot for accompanying guests to relax.

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