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Operations Overview

We have created a comprehensive guide for Studio Operations, aiming to provide our clients with a clear understanding of our business processes and operations. 

Getting to Know Our Process

  • Book your shoot online. Ensure to create an account for accessing your client portal. This portal is equipped with numerous tools including appointment management, reward points, and communication with your photographer among others. 

  • Once you arrive, if you've opted for makeup and styling services, they will commence immediately. Before your photo session begins, your photographer will overview all the props and clothing items you've brought. This will be followed by a discussion about possible set choices.

  • Your photo session will commence next. During this photography process, guidance will be provided over positioning while presenting you with previews of the captured images. This ensures a smooth progression of the shoot and fosters room for open communication.

  • After completing the shoot, your photographer will explain the process of using your proof page for choosing images, final download, and optional print orders. Subsequently, your photographer will assist you in settling the remaining balance for your package. 

  • Within a span of 3-5 days, the photographs from your session will be ready for viewing on your exclusive website. You may then start to choose the images for your package.

  • Choose the image you would like to include in your package from the proof page. Afterward, you'll send the list of your final selections to your photographer. Any additional images chosen will be invoiced separately.

  • Once your photographer has completed editing the final images, they will be promptly uploaded to your dedicated website for direct download. The online print shop will also be active at this time, providing you with the opportunity to purchase a variety of high-quality print products.

  • After uploading your final images to your website, the online print shop will become active, granting you access to an extensive selection of top-notch print products for purchase. Any items ordered through your site will be efficiently drop-shipped to your desired location.

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