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Meet the duo behind Missile Studios, showcasing that high performance and efficiency doesn't require a massive workforce. At Missile Studios, the emphasis is on maintaining an authentic and closely-knit environment.

Ashley Nickole

Owner / Photographer, PHOTO Editor, Makeup Artist


With a lifelong love for the arts, Ashley Nickole Appel attributes her initial interest in drawing and painting to her father. Concurrently, her mother instilled a love for fashion and makeup in her. These factors would later play a significant part in shaping her artistic voyage.

In her teen years, Ashley ventured into the world of graphic design. Her artistry was largely driven by the vividness of glossy magazines and striking album covers that adorned her bedroom walls. Her high school experience was predominantly spent in the art room, where her teacher allowed her to freely nurture her artistic ventures.

Ashley started her professional journey as a makeup artist on photo sets in her early twenties. However, as time passed, she shifted her focus towards professional photography. By her mid-twenties, she made a significant mark in the professional photography sphere, revolutionizing her professional identity.

You can observe clear traces of her childhood elements - fashion, rock and roll, and popular culture - reflected in her distinct photographic style today.

Ashley Nickole, with additional expertise in professional makeup. With over ten years of experience in the photography industry, she ensures that her clients are in proficient hands.





Thomas, is the devoted companion of the photographer and a fundamental support system at Missile Studios. Although he primarily works as a tradesman, you can often find him assisting in various tasks around the studio, managing inquiries and supervising some of the back of the house operations at Missile Studios.

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