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a Minor with Parent/Guardian

1. Consent.

I, _________________________ (the "Releasor"), parent or guardian of _________________________ (the "Minor"), for good and valuable consideration, the adequacy of which is acknowledged, with the understanding that Missile Studios, LL and the photographer Ashley Nickole Appel (the “Releasee”) will invest substantial time and expense to produce certain audio and/or visual works in reliance upon this document, does hereby consent to Minor’s participation in said production and to Minor being personally identifiable in the resulting media, regardless of production method or type of media, including, without limitation, digital and analog photography, film and videography (with or without sound), and audio recordings (the “Media”) whether captured or created by Releasee directly, or by those acting under Releasee’s direction.


2. Release.

Releasor completely and forever releases any current and future financial interest in and any physical or intellectual control of the Media to Releasee and Releasee’s heirs, successors, and assigns so that they may use the Media freely and at their discretion, for any legal purpose, without the need to obtain permission from or to provide any additional compensation to Releasor.


3. Authorization and Waiver.

Releasor authorizes the universal and unrestricted reproduction of Minor’s voice and/or likeness in connection with the use or manipulation of the Media by Releasee, Releasee’s heirs, successors, assigns, and designees, and those acting with Releasee’s permission and authority, in any form now existing or yet to be invented, for all purposes, including, without limitation, streaming, film, television, other forms of transmission, advertising, art, promotion, solicitation, or trade. Additionally, Releasor waives any right to approve the eventual use or purpose to which the Media may be applied; or to inspect or approve the finished images, videos, advertising copy, artwork, materials, or other audio or visual matter resulting from the Media’s implementation, use, or manipulation, whether in its original form or processed, altered, blurred, distorted, combined with, or used in conjunction with any other media, and will hold Releasee, Releasee’s heirs, successors, assigns, and designees harmless and indemnify same against any claims or demands arising therefrom.


4. Entire Agreement.

This agreement constitutes the sole and complete agreement between Releasee, Releasor and shall be governed by the laws of the state of Ohio . Releasor is not relying on any other warranty, guarantee, or representation, whether oral or written. By signing this release, Releasor affirms that Releasor is of the age of majority and has the right and authority to contract on behalf of the Minor. Releasor has read this entire document, understands its contents, and agrees to the rights and responsibilities it defines for each respective party. This agreement shall be binding upon Releasor, their heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns.



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