All new loyalty rewards!
Multiple visits to Missile Studios deserves recognition. With all new loyalty rewards, you now save with each visit. 


Loyalty Rewards
(As of Nov 2016)

2nd Visit: $15 Credit
3rd Visit: $25 Credit
4th Visit: $35 Credit

5th Visit: $45 Credit (Max out)

Loyalty rewards are granted when you spend $200 or more (excludes session fee) on each visit. Credits can be used on Collections or print products. Loyalty rewards are stored on punch card. If you have visited Missile in the past, your previous visits will be accounted for on your new punch card. Rewards can not be exchanged for cash. After your 5th visit, you will be guarenteed a $40 credit with each session. 

Refer A Friend $$$

For every new client you bring to Missile Studios, you will receive a $20 credit toward your next visit. 
(Offer available after new clients 1st visit. Client must provide your name to redeem credit. Credit cannot be used toward session fee.)

Referred client will receive a 10% discount on their first visit. 
(New client must provide flyer above, via mobile or print, to redeem discount. Discount will be applied to package at time of purchase.)